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Social Media Channels: An Ultimate Tool to Enhance Customer Engagement

The 100% perfect and unfailing formula to enhance your customer engagement is to nurture your prospects as individuals, with their own stories, rather than anonymous transactions. Social media channels are a key way to interact with customers and build those human relationships. Sadly, though, 51% of consumers who tweet about a bad customer experience won't receive a reply from the company they have an issue with.

Missed opportunities always cost companies revenue in the short-term but can do unexpected harm to their brand value in the long run. The customers around the globe are well-informed today and have more choice than ever before, so if their expectations aren't met, they'll move on quickly. Engaged customers, however, reward consistently strong service by spending more and becoming influential brand advocates across all the social media.

Once a certain group of customers are engaged, you automatically become their buying choice all the way. Through their loyalty, they become advocates for your company. With social media, engaged customers can – and do – endorse your company to tens of thousands of people instantly.

By paying attention dedicatedly to the base of your customers across social channels, your organization can become empowered to turn a customer's negative experience into a positive one. O2's recent use of social media for customer engagement is a perfect example of this. A potential public relations disaster became a positive story for digital marketers as the company responded to customer complaints on Twitter in a light-hearted and personal manner, winning their consumers back.

A large part of customers will be spending time more with a company having a history of good service. That's where the real upside potential is for companies. And it's why customer engagement is set to overtake productivity as the primary driver of profitable growth.

Now it’s a proven fact that social media has become a key channel for mobilizing customer engagement in this interactive economy across the globe. Customers are really get engaged when they feel known and this is what a strategic, solid and intelligent use of social media can achieve in the present online marketing scenario.