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Stand against your rivals by applying the power of Social Media.

Realize the power of social media as early as you can

In the present scenario of business, the entrepreneurs and marketing strategists who fail to realize social media's potential for customer interaction, retention and engagement simply lag behind in nurturing their businesses. In the contemporary times, brands are now being discussed, dissected and inverted on a large scale On Twitter, Facebook and even on Instagram. Actually, the fact is that you no longer drive any company and brand messaging – your customers do. In the contemporary times, most of the consumers and sales prospects are interacting with your company in myriad ways across multiple touch points in this new interactive economy. Today's customers are empowered while expecting companies to give them what they want and in the way they want. We, at High Street Media, can be of absolute help for all the solutions of the above-mentioned category.

Let the SMO play a decisive role

To grab the markets and strengthen their campaigns, most of the online marketing strategists are doing much more than launching a Twitter feed and a LinkedIn group to increase reach. And they are doing more than email marketing and simple data capture. These leaders recognize that the role of the SMO is evolving from an emphasis on acquiring new database contacts to building deep intimacy with customers. It's no longer a matter of who you know, but what you know about them. That means SMOs need to be focused on actively listening, engaging and responding to their customers. The SMO solutions provider like High Street Media can equip you with the capability to reap the benefits of social media.

Missing opportunities means lost revenue

What is generally seen and observed in the scenario is that most of the businesses are still missing a lot of opportunities to engage and grab customers. It has also been found that across social networks and traditional selling channels – email, telephone and storefronts – companies miss or mishandle up to 80% of customer engagement opportunities. And a missed opportunity means lost revenue. The only way for companies to reverse this trend is to become customer-obsessed from the top down. Customers don't care about internal departments, so internal functions must become invisible.

Strong, meaningful and target-oriented business processes and systems should be flexible and oriented around the customer, not a role or function. Necessary information should flow freely through departments and hierarchies, and employees need to be enabled to use data to build relationships with their customers and solve their problems. In the contemporary era of the always-on customer, social media is a primary channel for customer engagement. Only then, set targets can be realized. At High Street Media, a team of dedicated professionals is always techno-ready for you with all social media solutions.

Keep focus on people, not technology

  • As a strategist it should always be kept in mind that good social adoption starts with a focus on people, not the technology.
  • It is important to get your employees engaged because customer engagement is a shared responsibility across the enterprise. It is no longer the sole province of sales, marketing or customer service.
  • Every employee must be empowered to recognize a customer engagement opportunity and act on it.
  • It's quite a clear indicative that investing in processes as well as technology, finding ambassadors within your company to champion social media, and selecting tools for your business that your employees use at home, can help to promote social behaviors internally.
  • Gamification principles are a growing way to encourage adoption and social media habits within your organization. When implemented correctly, with added consultancy and strategy, it acts as an essential element to ensure adoption at all levels by addressing individual's specific drivers and needs.